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SPAR (Strategic Planning & Assessment Recognition) Award

  • The SPAR award was established at IRSC in 2013-14.
  • The purpose of the SPAR award is to highlight good planning practices and provide concrete examples from SPOL to help other unit managers improve.
  • The emphasis is on the process of developing and documenting a plan in SPOL — not on the merits of the initiative or the results.
  • Submissions are evaluated and winners selected by the Planning and Assessment Workgroup.
  • Winners are announced at the Fall Quality Enhancement Council meeting.

SPAR Award Winners, 2016-2017

Award Winners w/ Objective #18500
Education –
Objective #18500. Improve Program Learning Outcomes as measured by FTCE. During the 2016-2017 academic year the Department of Education will focus on improving performance on this assessment by students in the new BS in Elementary Education program.

SPAR Award Winners, 2015-2016

Award Winners w/ Objective #18114
Emergency Medical Services –
Objective # 18114 is specific and measurable, linked to student outcomes, and shows good use of data. The ‘Use of results’ field provides a clear summary of success-to-date and next steps.

Award Winners w/ Objective #18423
Financial Aid –
Objective #18423 includes a clear and concise objective description, and an appropriate evaluation of the impact of training. The status reports are clear and detailed and show departmental engagement.

SPAR Award Winners, 2014-2015

Award Winners w/ Objective #17793
Accounting Technology —
Objective # 17793 has a very clear plan of action, informative status reports, and well-defined actual results and use of results.

Award Winners w/ Objective #17954
Chastain Campus —
Objective # 17954 is a well-defined and measurable objective clearly tied to the KPIs, with status reports that demonstrate team participation.

Award Winners w/ Objective #17935
Healthcare Management —
Objective #17935 is a good example of structured program review that could be used by other instructional programs, with valuable lessons learned documented in use of results.

SPAR Award Winners, 2013-2014

Award Winners w/ Objective #17171
Enrollment Management —
Objective #17171 is well-structured and has a very logical flow, making it easy to read and understand.

Award Winners w/ Objective #17359
Student Success Services —
Objective #17359 shows departmental involvement in the objective, and highlights the value-added use of SPOL as a repository that can serve as a resource in the event of personnel changes.


Kathy J. Davis
Director of Planning and Assessment
(772) 462-7257

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