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Exams Offered

Students With Disabilities: Our Assessment Centers provide reasonable testing accommodations for students with disabilities. For more information please contact IRSC Student Accessibility Services.

Before Taking Any Test

Review Testing Procedures — Be Prepared
Covers required photo ID, required testing materials, and rules & regulations.


Testing Location:

Building W – Crews Hall, Main Campus, Fort Pierce.

Register online for the ACT® by visiting The only students who will need a “Register by Mail” packet will be those who cannot pay by credit card or are younger than 13 years of age.

All other students will have online options – including those applying for extended time for the first time and those wishing to test standby.

Contact ACT® at 1-319-337-1270 for additional information.

Test Dates:

Saturday           October 27, 2018              7:45 a.m.
Saturday           December 8, 2018            7:45 a.m.
Saturday           February 9, 2019              7:45 a.m.
Saturday           April 13, 2019                  7:45 a.m.
Saturday           June 8, 2019                    7:45 a.m.
Saturday           July 13, 2019                   7:45 a.m.

Note: All testing dates are subject to change.


General CLEP Information

  • Main Campus Only
  • 1 government issued photo ID card with signature required
  • Retest every 3 months
  • Timed
  • Registration and appointment required

Register for a CLEP Exam (IRSC Students or Students from Other Schools)

Step 1: Find Out Your College's CLEP Policy.
Each college sets its own policy regarding which CLEP exams it will grant credit for and how many credits it will award. Contact your academic adviser to learn more about the CLEP policy at your institution.

Step 2: Log In to the My Account Registration Portal.
You can create and manage your personal account through the CLEP registration portal at The registration platform will allow you to register for a CLEP exam 24/7, manage your personal information any time prior to taking the exam, search for test centers, select your score recipient institution, and purchase study materials.

Step 3: Schedule a Testing Appointment with the IRSC Assessment Center.
After you register for an exam, it is important that you call the Indian River State College Main Campus Assessment Center to schedule your appointment to test. Registering for an exam provides you with a payment receipt and a Ticket ID, but you must contact the IRSC Assessment Center at (772)462-7585 to schedule the date and time you wish to take the test. In addition to the $85 CLEP exam fee, Indian River State College charges a $15 proctoring fee per test date. The $15 fee can be paid by cash, check or credit card at Indian River State College during your test appointment.

CLEP Score Reports and Transcripts

For general information about CLEP scores and transcripts, please visit the CLEP website at If you need to send your CLEP transcripts to Indian River State College, our CLEP College Code is 5322.

DANTES-Funded CLEP Exams

(For Active Military, Military Spouses and Civil Service Civilian Employees of the Air Force Reserve, Army National Guard, Army Reserve and Coast Guard)

Indian River State College supports our men and women in the military and thanks them for their service to our country. Therefore, IRSC waives all proctoring fees for DANTES-Funded CLEP Exams.

  • Main Campus Only
  • Special Identification Card Required (Refer to DANTES Eligibility Chart – Listed Below)
  • Retest every 3 months for exams previously funded by DANTES
  • Timed
  • Registration and appointment required

Who is Eligible for DANTES-Funded CLEP Exams? (DANTES Eligibility Chart)

CLEP Exam Descriptions

CLEP Military Benefits


Distance Learning Exams for Other Schools and Organizations

The IRSC Assessment Services Department is glad to proctor exams from other schools or organizations. Indian River State College offers proctoring services for both online and paper/pencil examinations. We receive exams from other institutions by mail, email or fax.

Indian River State College charges $40.00 per exam for our proctoring services and this fee must be paid to the IRSC Cashier prior to testing. The cashier’s office closes sharply at 6:30 PM, so please plan accordingly. They will accept your payment in cash, check or credit card. To take your exam, you will need to bring your receipt and photo ID to the Assessment Center. A valid photo ID is required for all exams taken at Indian River State College. Acceptable forms of identification include a valid driver’s license, a state or government issued photo ID, a college photo ID, or a passport. If an ID has an expiration date, it is no longer valid after that date. Also, once an ID is broken into more than one piece or has been cut, it is no longer valid. No electronic devices are permitted in the testing room. It is strongly recommended that you do not bring your cell phone to the testing room.

Our regular hours of operation during the fall and spring semesters for all of our Assessment Centers are Monday through Thursday 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM and Friday 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM. During the summer semesters we are closed on Friday. All exams must be completed by closing time and no appointments are required. However, you should call at least two business days in advance of your testing date to confirm that we have received your exam and the proctoring directions.

Listed below is the contact information of our Assessment Centers at each of our branch campuses. Students must have their exam sent directly to the campus where they want to test. We will not send exams from campus to campus. Please coordinate with your school to ensure that the exams are sent to the appropriate IRSC campus.

Here is a link to access information and maps for each of our branch campuses.

Assessment Center Locations and Contact Information

Main Campus (Ft. Pierce)
Steven Daniello
Assessment Services Manager
Assessment Services Department
IRSC–Main Campus
3209 Virginia Avenue, W-109
Fort Pierce, FL 34981
Phone: (772) 462-7585 or (772) 462-7583
Fax: (772) 462-7838
Mueller Campus (Vero Beach)
Elizabeth Shields
Assessment Specialist
Assessment Services Department
IRSC–Mueller Campus
6155 College Lane, D-122
Vero Beach, FL 32966
Phone: (772) 226-2527
Fax: (772) 226-2520
Chastain Campus (Stuart)
Matthew Smith
Assessment Specialist
Assessment Services Department
IRSC–Chastain Campus
2400 SE Salerno Road, A-104A
Stuart, FL 34997
Phone: (772) 419-5667
Pruitt Campus (Port St. Lucie)
Claudia Phillips
Assessment Specialist
Assessment Services Department
IRSC–Pruitt Campus
500 NW California Blvd., J-216
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
Phone: (772) 336-6242 or (772) 336-6233
Dixon Hendry Campus (Okeechobee)
Josh Padgett
Developmental Education Specialist
IRSC-Dixon Hendry Campus
2229 N.W. 9th Avenue, B-130
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Fax: (863) 824-6019
Phone: (863) 824-6009

GED® Test

Registering and Scheduling for the GED®

GED candidates can register and schedule their exams by:

  • Creating a "My GED" account online at
  • Calling the GED Call Center at 1-877-392-6433 (1-877-EXAM-GED)

Additional Resources for the GED®

Requesting Special Accommodations for the GED®

GED candidates must request special accommodations directly from GED® Testing Services. For more information:

What to Expect

Requesting Your Transcript

For GED® diplomas earned on or after January 1, 2014:
Duplicate credential requests can be made by logging in to your MyGED™ account at Log in at the top right of the page using your Email address and Password. Select the My Scores tab and click the Order Duplicates button on the Scores page.

Transcripts must be sent electronically through a secure email sent from Parchment. Request that your transcript be sent to:

For GED® diplomas earned prior to January 1, 2014:
Effective February 1, 2014, you will request your credentials from GED Credentialing™. Click on the Create Account button on the right of the page and enter the required information to create a New User Account. Once your account is created, you will be able to request transcripts online and track the status of your orders.

Transcripts must be sent electronically through a secure email sent from Parchment. Request that your transcript be sent to:

Special Note: Scores from the 2002 Series WILL NOT be combined with scores on the new 2014 GED®.


Indian River State College is now offering a variety of new information technology certification exams, including exams for Cisco, CompTIA and Microsoft. For a complete list of the information technology exams offered at IRSC please go to the Pearson VUE website at

Scheduling and payment for these information technology exams can only be completed online at

  • Go to
    Or click on logo  right-blue-arrow
  • Click on “For Test Takers”
  • In the "Start here: select your program: box, type in the name or acronym of your testing program or click on the "A to Z List of All Programs" link.
  • Select the certification exam you are interested in taking and read the information provided.
  • Then click on the "Create Account" button and follow the on screen prompts to schedule our exam.

Create an account, schedule your exam and pay for the exam all online. When creating an account be sure to use the exact name listed on your identification documents. This name must be identical on both your account and identification documents in order to test.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your appointment and outlining what forms of identification you need to bring to the exam. It is important that you read this information carefully. Exams cannot be administered without the required identification.

All schedule changes must be made by contacting the test publisher prior to the testing date. Contact information will be included in your confirmation e-mail. Exam fees are not refundable.

Plan to arrive at Indian River State College 30 minutes prior to your testing appointment. Late arrivals may forfeit their appointment and testing fees.

SPECIAL NOTE: Indian River State College does not administer all exams listed on the Pearson VUE website and does not loan handheld calculators to candidates for testing purposes, so please plan accordingly.


4 Easy Steps

  • Apply to the IRSC RN Nursing Program (Must be completed by May 2, 2019 - Remember, you must apply to the IRSC Nursing Program each registration period.)
  • Pay the IRSC Health Science Application fee- $30 and the NLN Pre-Admission Testing Fee - $75 (Must be paid by May 2, 2019 – Pay at any campus)
  • Schedule your exam appointment online at  (Must be completed by May 2, 2019)
  • Take your IRSC Pre-Admission PN RN Examination on your scheduled appointment date and time

Test Registration/Scheduling Period

The registration period for scheduling your IRSC Pre-Admission PN RN Examination is open from April 4, 2019 through May 2, 2019. Available testing dates for this exam are:

  • 5/3/2019
  • 5/6/2019
  • 5/7/2019
  • 5/8/2019
  • 5/9/2019

Note: All testing dates are subject to change.

If you have an existing or new NLN account set-up and it has been verified, go to to schedule your IRSC Pre-Admission RN Examination.

Important Notices

  • No test registrations will be accepted after May 2, 2019.
  • No IRSC PN or RN Nursing Program applications will be accepted after September 6, 2018.
  • The receipt for the NLN Pre-Admission Testing Fee must be dated on or before September 6, 2018. This fee can be paid at any campus.
  • The receipt for the Health Science Application (required for IRSC RN programs) must be dated between July 1, 2018 and September 6, 2018.
  • Students should only register for one test session. Multiple test registrations will be voided.
  • Students are only allowed to register for one test session per registration period.
  • Missing your scheduled testing session or arriving late will forfeit your chance to take the NLN Pre-Admission PN RN Examination.
  • All exam fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All RN candidates must take the NLN Pre-Admission PN RN Examination.
  • All NLN score reports will be automatically sent to the Indian River State College Nursing Department.

Retest Policy

Only one attempt per registration period is permitted (i.e. one attempt in September and one attempt in May). All multiple attempts will be voided without a refund. NLN Pre-Admission PN RN Examination scores are valid for one year.

General Information

  • Main Campus only (Building W - Room 109)
  • Valid photo ID required
  • The name on your photo ID must match the name on your NLN account exactly, or you will not be allowed to test
  • No cellphones or other personal items are permitted in the testing room
  • Complete your IRSC RN Application on or before May 2, 2019. A new application is required for each registration period.
  • An NLN account must be created before scheduling your testing appointment (
  • Advanced Online Registration (Testing Appointment) is required for this exam


On Campus

Students need to know

  • Instructor’s name
  • Course name
  • Course number
  • Test Name (Test 1, Test 2, Midterm...)


Students need to know

  • Instructor’s name
  • Course name
  • Course number
  • Test Name (Test 1, Test 2, Midterm...)
  • Blackboard Login/Password

P.E.R.T.Postsecondary Education Readiness Test

General Information

  • Untimed
  • No Calculator
  • Computerized
  • Paid Receipt
  • PDF File Study Guide

P.E.R.T. Practice Test

P.E.R.T. Testing Times

Students need to arrive in an IRSC Assessment Center with a paid receipt and a valid photo ID no later than 3 hours prior to the established closing time. Therefore, students can start the P.E.R.T on Monday – Thursday between 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. during all semesters and between 8:00 – 11:30 a.m. on Fridays in the Fall and Spring semesters.

SPECIAL NOTICE: To avoid long wait times during our peak testing periods, we will not be administering the P.E.R.T. exam during final exams (see below).

Fall Finals 2018 – No P.E.R.T. Testing
Monday, December 3, 2018
Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Spring Finals 2019 - No P.E.R.T. Testing
Monday, April 22, 2019
Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Wednesday, April 24, 2019 
Summer A Finals 2019 - No P.E.R.T. Testing
Monday, June 17, 2019
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summer B Finals 2019 - No P.E.R.T. Testing
Monday, August 5, 2019
Tuesday, August 6, 2019

P.E.R.T. Retesting Information

Students are required to wait 7 days before retesting on the same P.E.R.T. subtest, and students are strongly encouraged to remediate before retesting. There is no limit on the number of retest attempts.

Placement scores will not be considered valid for placement after two years from the date that the test was administered.

Placement Information


Be prepared for success! IRSC encourages you to take advantage of college placement testing to enroll in classes most appropriate for your skill levels.

According to Florida Statutes, some degree-seeking students are required to take a College Placement Test, while others are exempt. In any case, taking the college placement test is a good idea!

Who is exempt?

  • Students who entered 9th grade in a Florida public school in the 2003-2004 school year or after and earned a Florida standard high school diploma, or students serving as an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Services are exempt. Students must provide official high school transcripts or documentation of military status to be exempt. However, all students are strongly encouraged to complete College Placement Testing.

Who is required to complete College Placement Testing?

  • All other degree-seeking students are required to take acceptable placement tests such as the P.E.R.T (Postsecondary Education Readiness Test), SAT or ACT.

    Specific math, reading and English scores are used for placement purposes. See Placement Information for P.E.R.T., CPT, ACT and SAT.

IRSC provides you with a wide range of academic support services, such as free tutoring in Academic Support Centers at each campus, to help you succeed in college.

Please contact your academic advisor to assess your readiness for college-level course work and to finalize your personal student success plan.


Indian River State College (IRSC) is no longer an SAT® testing site.

Students can register to take the SAT® at other locations on the website or call SAT® directly at 866-756-7346.

TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education — Career Training)

General Information

  • Photo ID
  • 2 #2 Pencils
  • Black Ink Pen
  • Timed Test
  • Scores valid for 2 years
  • FREE
  • Remediation required to retest — PDF File TABE Policy Handout
  • An Indian River State College student identification number is required for testing and will be issued once an application for TABE testing is completed at or any IRSC campus.
    PDF File How to apply for an Indian River State College student identification number for the TABE test.

Campus Locations to take the TABE Test.

  • Main Campus 772-462-7616 — PDF File TABE TEST (July to December 2017 Testing Dates) (Main Campus)
  • Chastain Campus 772-419-5607 - TABE usually administered on Tuesday at 12:45 p.m. - Appointment required
  • Dixon Hendry Campus 863-824-6000 - Call to verify testing dates and times
  • Pruitt Campus 772-336-6233 - Appointment required
  • Mueller Campus 772-226-2527 TABE usually administered on Tuesday at 2:45 p.m. - Appointment required


Call: 1-866-792-4772

Main Campus Assessment Center

Steven Daniello,
Assessment Center


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