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Standards of Progress

Standards of Progress

The law requires that educational assistance benefits to veterans/other eligible persons be discontinued when the student ceases to make satisfactory progress toward completion of his/her training objective. Satisfactory progress is considered to be the maintaining of a 2.0 cumulative GPA. When a veteran's CGPA falls below 2.0, the veteran will be given two probationary semesters in which to raise his/her CGPA to 2.0 or better. If at the end of the probationary period, the student fails to achieve a 2.0 CGPA, future VA educational benefits will be terminated. Benefits may be reinstated after the student achieves a 2.0 cumulative GPA or above. The veteran will be required to submit VA FORM 22-1995 or VA Form 22-5495 to the IRSC Veterans Affairs Office for inclusion with the next Enrollment Certification to the VA Regional Office.

Changes Which Effect Benefits:

  1. A non-punitive grade of "W" or "I" may result in a reduction of benefits effective the beginning of the semester, depending on the student's course load. "I" Grades: If a veteran takes an "I" grade and then re-registers for the same course, the "I" grade becomes non-punitive and the course must be decertified for the period that it was previously taken. This means the veteran may then be in an overpayment status.
  2. Reduction of a course load after the drop/ add period may result in a reduction of your benefits effective the beginning of the semester. Students must inform the Veterans Affairs Office of any withdrawal and the reasons such action is necessary. Mitigating circumstances can be submitted and may be given special consideration.
  3. Report change of address immediately to Veterans Administration at 1-888-442-4551 and complete a change of address form at the IRSC Veterans Affairs Office and the IRSC Records Center.
  4. Report changes in marital status, number of dependents, etc., to the IRSC Veterans Affairs Office. Proper documents verifying these changes is necessary, such as a certified marriage certificate, certified birth certificate, certified divorce decree, etc.

It is the Responsibility of the Veteran to keep the Veterans Affairs Office informed of any changes. Attendance -Students receiving VA benefits for vocational clock-hour programs should note that excessive absences will result in termination of benefits. Absences totaling more than the equivalent of ten percent (10%) of the total hours of the program are considered excessive, and, unless there are mitigating circumstances, the student will be terminated from receipt of VA benefits due to unsatisfactory attendance.

Additional Financial Assistance

IRSC offers a variety of scholarships, grants, loans and work programs to any eligible student who meets the specific program guidelines. If you feel you have financial need for additional funds to pursue your course of study at IRSC, please feel free to complete the FAFSA application. The financial aid office will follow up with you and verify your eligibility for additional assistance.


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