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Department of Campus Safety and Security

We will not be victims, we will not be perpetrators, above all else, we will not be bystanders.

Message from the Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to IRSC and introduce you to the men, women and programs of the IRSC Department of Campus Safety and Security. We are a diverse workforce of Civilian Security professionals, empowered to enforce Florida statutes and College Board of Trustees rules and regulations. We are dedicated, eager and trained to serve your public safety needs at IRSC.

Remember, the most important letter in SECURITY is U!! We need U to report suspicious behavior, people and situations. By partnering with U, we can be successful in providing a safe, secure learning and working environment at IRSC.

Thank you for choosing IRSC as your higher education provider.

We trust the information in these web pages provides you with useful insights into our missions and goals.

Alan Montgomery
FBI NA #163
Director / Chief

Safety and Security — Responding to Emergencies

IRSC Safety and Security Officers provide foot and vehicular patrol of our campuses and are equipped with modern communication devices. Our staff is well trained and equipped for emergency response We utilize video camera technologies in selected locations to leverage our resources. We also partner with our local public safety agencies to provide enhanced patrol and response to our campuses.

Emergency Phone Numbers to Call

Immediate and Life Threatening Emergency call. . . . . 911

After calling 911, please call Campus Security to notify us of the emergency response.

On the Main Campus in Fort Pierce, call ext. 7777 from any campus phone or call 462-4755 to reach the on-duty Campus Security Officers.

Branch Campus Emergency Phone Numbers

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  • Main Campus and Treasure Coast Public Safety Training Complex, Fort Pierce: Dial 7777 or 4755 on any Fort Pierce campus phone, or dial direct 772-462-4755.
  • Chastain Campus, Stuart: Dial 772-419-5666.
  • Dixon Hendry Campus, Okeechobee:   Dial 863-610-2090 or 863-824-6000.
  • Mueller Campus, Vero Beach: Dial 772-226-2531.
  • Pruitt Campus, (St. Lucie West) Port St. Lucie: Dial 772-336-6248.
  • Blackburn Educational Building, Fort Pierce:  Dial 772-462-7103.

If your call is not an emergency, call the Security Office at 772-462-4755.



The two options are HELP in the case of an emergency and INFO for directions.

Emergency Icon CODE BLUE Telephones on Main Campus, Fort Pierce
For your protection, CODE BLUE emergency telephones are installed at:
NE corner of the R Building
NW corner of the E Building
SE corner of the N Building (Science Center)
SW corner of the H Building (Health Science Center)
NE corner of the V Building (Kight Center)
SE corner of the Tomeu Building

Locations of the CODE BLUE Phone at Branch Campuses

  • Chastain Campus, Stuart - Located in the north parking lot of the Wolf Building and northwest and southeast corner of the CALC Building
  • Dixon-Hendry Campus, Okeechobee - Located at the southeast corner of the B-building.
  • Mueller Campus, Vero Beach - located on the sidewalk between the "A" and "B" buildings.
  • Pruitt Campus, (St. Lucie West) Port St. Lucie - Between the parking lots and buildings at the Pruitt Campus


Stay safe!
Know what to do in a threatening campus situation and follow the steps on the pocket card below.

Active Shooter
Pocket Card


For Your Safety —
Keep Your Contact
Information Current!


Watch Video

Student Emergency Procedures
Quick Reference Guide

Emergency Phone Numbers

cell phone with irsc logo
Immediate and Life Threatening Emergency call. . . . .911

  • Main Campus and Treasure Coast Public Safety Training Complex: 
     Dial 7777 or 4755 on any Main campus phone or
    Dial  772-462-4755
  • Chastain Campus (Stuart): 
    Dial 772-419-5666
  • Dixon Hendry Campus (Okeechobee): 
    Dial 863-610-2090 or 863-824-6000
  • Mueller Campus (Vero Beach): 
    Dial 772-226-2531
  • Pruitt Campus (SLW/Port St. Lucie):  Dial 772-336-6248
  • Blackburn Educational Building (Ft. Pierce): Dial 772-462-7103


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