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We truly appreciate your ongoing patience during our transition to Workday Student. This can’t be emphasized enough. Below are some positive updates, with more good news forthcoming. 

All students who have been awarded Financial Aid can now see that information in the Student Workday system. This includes awards for Pell and Bright Futures, as well as student loans. If you applied for Financial Aid after August 5 or if you received an email requesting additional verification, please check throughout the day today as we are processing awards hourly. Please note that all aid indicated in the system is considered accepted; only those accepting work study need to click on the “accept” button on the award screen.

When you log into WorkDay, you will see if there’s a balance owed by going to “Finances” once the page fully loads; it will show the tuition amount and the “Due Now” amount. If there is a “Due Now” amount, you can check to see if you have been awarded Financial Aid by clicking on “Check Financial Aid” in the lower right corner.

Currently enrolled students, paid or not paid, will NOT be dropped from classes on Wed., August 15. We are extending the registration and final payment deadline to Thursday, August 16. Students whose fees are not paid by 11:59 pm (online) Thursday will be dropped from their courses. Late registration will begin on Friday, August 17, but there will be no late fees charged. Classes will still begin on Monday, August 20. 

For those of you ready to purchase books, refer to the listings on the bookstore website. Click “Shop and Compare” and then under “Choose A Term”, select “2018VIRS-IRSC” for Fall. Then follow the prompts for course information to find your book selections. If Financial Aid is used for book payment, be sure to complete the book authorization form (attached) and allow 30 minutes after submitting before visiting the bookstore. Submit in person or fax form to 722-462-4606. (Dual enrolled home school students do not need to complete this form.)

When you arrive for class next week, be assured that the IRSC faculty are aware of the changes in the Workday Student timetable and will be understanding of any delays you may have as a result.

Thank you once again for your patience, and we look forward to bringing you more updates soon.

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