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Is an employment application required?

Yes. A resumé or curriculum vitae cannot be substituted for a complete application. All application materials must be received in Human Resources by the application deadline stated on the vacancy announcement. In addition to the application, a cover letter, signed job description and copy of transcript(s) (if the position requires a degree) are required. Applications can be completed and printed when you apply for a job on the View Jobs List link or can be picked up from the Human Resources Office on the Main Campus in Fort Pierce.

Where can I submit an application?

Applications may be mailed or hand-delivered to the address below. If you need to scan and email your application in order to meet the application deadline, contact (772) 462-7280 for the email address. If scanning, you will also need to mail or hand-deliver the original to :
Indian River State College
Attn: Human Resources
3209 Virginia Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34981 - 5596

How are interviews scheduled and hiring determinations made?

Once employment applications are received and processed in Human Resources, they are forwarded to a supervisor or committee for review and determination of those applicants who will be contacted for an interview. After interviews and reference checks are completed, the supervisor identifies the candidate considered as the best match for the position and makes a recommendation through the appropriate Vice President for hire.

Will I be notified when the position has been filled?

Yes. All qualified applicants for advertised support, full time faculty, or administrative positions are sent letters from the Human Resources Department notifying applicants that the position has been filled.

What if I have interest in more than one position?

Please complete just one IRSC employment application, but send a separate cover letter and signed job description pertaining to each position of interest.

How long is my employment application kept on file at IRSC?

IRSC keeps application materials for four (4) years.

Does IRSC provide H1-B sponsorship?

IRSC does not provide H1-B visa sponsorship.

Who do I contact for more information about the employment application process?

Contact Human Resources at (772) 462-7280.

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Employment FAQs — for Adjunct Applicants

Who receives my employment application?

When you submit your adjunct application package, Human Resources will forward it to the appropriate instructional department(s) based on the discipline(s) of interest indicated on the IRSC Application for Certification as well as on the Adjunct Faculty Data Form.

What transcripts will I need to submit and when should I order them?

Photocopies of transcripts must be received with an adjunct applicant’s application. If an applicant is selected for certification, he/she will be required to have official transcripts forwarded to IRSC, Human Resources. To be considered "official,” these transcripts must be received by IRSC, Human Resources, directly from the institution attended. Transcripts provided by the applicant in a sealed envelope will not be considered official. Official transcripts are required in accordance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) in order to issue the IRSC Teaching Certificate. For more information regarding IRSC teaching certification, review the documents on the Forms and Documents "Certification" area. If you wish to expedite IRSC certification, you have the option of requesting that official transcripts be sent from your educational institutions to IRSC as soon as your application has been submitted.

I turned in my employment application for an adjunct position. Why have I not had any response?

Once your application is processed by the Human Resources Department, it is forwarded to the instructional department(s) for the discipline(s) indicated. Applications are reviewed for current and foreseeable needs.

I already have a state teaching certification. Do I need to do more?

All full and part time faculty at IRSC must complete the IRSC teaching certification process in order to teach at IRSC. The state teaching certification utilized in the K–12 arena is not applicable at the College level. For more information regarding IRSC teaching certification, review the documents on the Forms and Documents "Certification" area.

I turned in my application for a posted adjunct position, but when I contacted the department, I was told there was not an opening available.

The adjunct disciplines posted on our website are listed with an ongoing need in order to build an adjunct applicant pool, and there may or may not be a current opening at any given time. The department reviews applications and contacts applicants for interviews when there is a need in the classroom.

I have never taught but would love to teach. Would I be considered as an adjunct without prior teaching experience?

Prior teaching experience is preferred but not a requirement for some of our positions. We would direct you to the position descriptions to review the qualifications, skills and requirements for the discipline(s) of interest. Some instructional areas that require one year of prior proven teaching experience are the college preparatory areas of Developmental Education and the Educational Preparation Institute (EPI).

What do you mean by “getting certified” to teach at IRSC? How does that happen?

“Getting certified” to teach at IRSC means that you have submitted all of the required documentation and have met all requirements set forth by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) to teach a specific discipline. A step-by-step checklist is available to assist you with this process on the Forms and Documents "Certification" area.

Who do I contact for more information about the employment application process?

Contact Human Resources at (772) 462-7280.


Human Resources
Administrative Annex
Building "F"
Main Campus
3209 Virginia Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34981
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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