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Instructions for Applying for Full-Time Faculty Positions

Please read the below instructions before visiting the Position Listings page.  

NOTE: Effective immediately Indian River State College will not accept employment applications for non-advertised positions.

NOTE: Requirement of Employment/Direct Deposit Form
IRSC processes payrolls only through direct deposit. Completion of the IRSC Payroll Direct Deposit Form is required for all employees of Indian River State College. Upon final selection for a position, Human Resources will assist the selected candidate with the completion of this form.

Employment FAQs

Employment FAQs about these Full-Time Faculty Positions.

Application Process

Application materials must be submitted directly to Human Resources. A cover letter, IRSC Employment Application, signed position description, Certification Application Form, and photocopies of transcripts are required for being considered for a full-time faculty position. When applying for more than one position, a separate cover letter for each position and signed position description are required. Applicants need to complete one IRSC employment application.

IRSC Employment Application

Download the employment application PDF File or the applicant may pick up an application packet in Office of Human Resources/Employment at the Main Campus, Fort Pierce. The applicant must submit a completed IRSC employment application to be considered for any IRSC position vacancy. The resume cannot be accepted in lieu of the employment application.

Cover Letter

Cover letters must address how the applicant feels they are qualified for the specific position and must address qualifications/knowledge and skill requirements as indicated on the position description.

Position Description

In order to access the appropriate position description to see the minimum requirements and application deadline information, download the position description (pdf file) found next to each job description or pick up the description from the Office of Human Resources/Employment at the Main Campus, Fort Pierce. The position description must be reviewed, signed, and returned with the application packet.

Application for Certification

The Certification Application Form PDF File  is required and indicates which discipline(s) the applicant requests to teach.

Florida Retirement System (FRS) – Certification Form

Please download the FRS Certification Form  PDF File or you may pick up the form from the Office of Human Resources/Employment at the Main Campus, Fort Pierce. The FRS Certification Form must be completed and returned with the application packet.  


If the position description requires a degree, photocopies of transcripts are required to apply. If selected as the final candidate for the position, the applicant will be asked to have official transcripts sent. To be considered "official," these transcripts must be received by IRSC directly from the institution(s) attended. Transcripts provided by the applicant in a sealed envelope will not be considered official.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation are optional. If provided, professional letters are preferred with personal letters acceptable. The applicant may provide these with their application or request the recommenders mail them directly to the Office of Human Resources/Employment at the Main Campus, Fort Pierce.

One-Year Work Verification Form/Letter

This letter is utilized for certification in the areas of College Prep and/or Technical Specialties. A minimum of one year of directly related work experience is required. In order to document a minimum of one year work experience in the area(s) of specialization to be taught, please ensure the one year work verification letter is from a current or former employer on official company letterhead. The letter must be very detailed regarding the applicant's dates of employment, position title(s), and specific duties and responsibilities relating to the discipline(s) the applicant is requesting to teach. Please attach a position description if possible.

If the applicant is self-employed and that is the only directly related work experience that can be documented, please submit a detailed notarized letter outlining the relevant work experience from both the applicant and a long-term client who can attest to the applicant's specific skills and work experience.

Interview Process

Individuals selected for an interview will be contacted by telephone, letter or e-mail to arrange for an interview. After the interviewing process is completed and an individual has been selected for the position, all applicants will be notified in writing that a selection has been made. Applications will remain current for a period of four years in the event another suitable position becomes available.

Teaching Certification

All IRSC full-time faculty are required to be certified by IRSC in the discipline/subject taught. This certificate will specify each discipline and the level at which it may be taught, date of issue, and expiration date. It will be issued by the Vice President of Instructional Services.

The levels to be certified at and the minimum qualifications are as follows:

  • Baccalaureate (Credit): Requires a Master's degree in the discipline or any Master's degree with eighteen (18) graduate semester hours in the field being taught. In addition, some disciplines may require a terminal degree.
  • Pre-baccalaureate (Credit): Requires a Master's degree in the discipline or any Master's degree with eighteen (18) graduate semester hours in the field being taught.
  • Technical Specialty (Credit): Requires one-year's experience working in the area of specialization to be taught and at least an A.A. or A.S. or A.A.S. degree.
  • College Prep Certification: Requires a Bachelor's degree in the discipline related to the teaching assignment and either teaching experience in a discipline related to the assignment or graduate training in remedial education.
    • College Prep English: Baccalaureate degree or higher in English Literature, Language Arts, Journalism, or English-related Education degree, with appropriate teaching experience.
    • College Prep Mathematics: Baccalaureate degree or higher in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Statistics or Business, Business Education, Natural Sciences, Natural Sciences Education, Computer Science, Computer Science Education or Engineering with substantial Mathematics course work through Calculus, with appropriate teaching experience.
    • College Prep Reading: Baccalaureate degree or higher in Reading, Broadcasting or Journalism, Literature, Language Arts, or Reading related Education degree, with appropriate teaching experience.
  • Adult Education (Non-Credit): Requires a Bachelor's degree and attributes or experiences, which help instructors to relate to the particular needs of the adults they teach.
  • Other Non-College Credit Courses: Instructor must have sufficient combined education/training and work experience in the area of specialization to prove expertise.

Background Checks

Certification and re-certification will be contingent upon fingerprint / background clearances, which will include criminal convictions and may include consumer credit, motor vehicle driving, and other reports. A processing fee of $15 will be charged at the time of fingerprinting.

* An application for employment is incomplete without all of the required documents indicated above as being received in Human Resources. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Unsolicited applications will not be accepted.

Please return all required materials to the Office of Human Resources/Employment, Main Campus, Fort Pierce. If you have questions concerning the employment process, please contact Human Resources at (772)-462-7280.

I have read and understand the requirements for applying
for a position at Indian River State College.

IRSC is an EEO/ADEA/ADA/GINA/Vet. Pref./Drug-Free Workplace Employer.


Human Resources
Administrative Annex
Building "F"
Main Campus
3209 Virginia Avenue
Fort Pierce, FL 34981

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