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MyPioneerPortal & Workday

What is Workday, and why are we switching from MyIRSC?

Workday will replace MyIRSC as your student information system. It is the modern successor to MyIRSC registration and student information system. Workday is cloud-based and designed with mobile devices in mind so you’ll be able to access everything, wherever and whenever needed. It is a sleeker, faster and modernized experience that better meets your needs.

Why haven’t I received an email about Workday when other students have?

Only IRSC students who have submitted a financial aid application have been sent an email inviting them to log into their Workday account.

Prior to the opening of Fall registration, all students will receive an email through RiverMail with details about how to log into the new Workday registration system. Meanwhile, all students are invited to review an interactive lesson that explains how to log into Workday.

When will Fall registration open?

We anticipate that Fall registration will open in late June or early July. You will be notified via RiverMail and through social media if you are subscribed to IRSC social media channels. You will use the new Workday system to register for your classes.

I still need to register for Summer B classes. Do I do that in MyIRSC?

Yes. Registration for Summer B classes will occur through MyIRSC. Effective with Fall registration, students will use Workday.

Can I start planning my classes ahead for Fall semester?

We know how important it is determine your schedule, so we published the Course Schedule to help you plan ahead for when Fall registration opens.

When will the Office of Financial Aid begin notifying students of awards?

Notification of financial aid awards will begin after July 9. A student must have successfully completed a financial aid application, with all requisite documentation uploaded to Workday, in order to be considered for financial aid.

How do I log into Workday?

With the Workday launch, IRSC will also be bringing you MyPioneerPortal. MyPioneerPortal is a single sign-on system that provides accessibility to IRSC student systems, all in one place. This feature will serve as your gateway to Workday, BlackBoard, RiverMail, RiverLife and other applications.

You will use your RiverMail login credentials (RiverMail email address and password) to login to MyPioneerPortal and then you will select the Workday application. If you’re unable to log into MyPioneerPortal, your password may need to be reset. Email with your student ID, first and last name, date of birth and Rivermail address.

Take an interactive lesson to learn how to log into MyPioneerPortal and access Workday.

Why am I required to enter a verification code each time I try to log into MyPioneerPortal?

Providing a verification code each time you access MyPioneerPortal adds an additional layer of security and protection to your personal information. You must setup two methods of additional authentication: email, text, or security questions. Email is the primary method and is required to be setup, but you can then choose your secondary method. We suggest setting up all three options with text (SMS) as the preferred method since it is the most convenient and secure.

I haven’t been a student in a long time, and I don’t remember how to logon to my Rivermail information. What should I do?

Follow the instructions to reset your RiverMail password or email

I’m in MyPioneerPortal, but I don’t see any apps. Is something wrong?

MyPioneerPortal will be fully accessible to students in time for Fall registration. At that time, MyPioneerPortal will display all of the applications that you will use while at IRSC— Workday, BlackBoard, RiverMail, RiverLife and more.

I’m in Workday, but a lot of my information from MyIRSC isn’t there. What happened to it?

Your Workday inbox will be the only option available at this time. Advising, registration and other records will become visible as they are loaded into Workday.

Where do I fax my financial aid documents?

Students who need to submit items to complete their Financial Aid application should do so by uploading required documents to the Workday system. If students are unable to or need assistance with loading their documents, they can submit them via fax to 772-462-4606. However, these documents may take 2-3 business days to update. (Please note some documents such as V4 & V5 Verification worksheets can only be submitted in person. These forms indicate they must be submitted in person.)

Where should I look for updates about Fall registration, Workday and MyPioneerPortal?

Please check RiverMail frequently for updates about Fall registration and Workday Student. Information may also be available through Blackboard and through social media if you are subscribed to IRSC social media channels.


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