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Listed below are helpful handouts that may be downloaded for review and printing. To review answers for any of the handouts below, bring completed materials to the ASC.  

Grammar Review Packets

Grammar Review Packets Packet Tests
Packet 1-Recognizing Complete Sentences 1A 1B
Packet 2-Parts of Speech 2A 2B
Packet 3-Subjects, Verbs, & Prepositional Phrases 3A 3B
Packet 4-Phrases and Clauses 4A 4B
Packet 5 Part 1-Structure: Sentence Types
Packet 5 Part 2-Errors: Fragments, Comma Splices, Run-ons 5A 5B
Packet 6-Subject-Verb Agreement 6A 6B
Packet 7-Commas 7A 7B
Packet 8-Pronouns 8A 8B
Packet 9-Sentence Combining 9A

ENC 0025 Review Packets

These packets review types of sentences; clauses & phrases; fragments & run-ons; punctuation; subject-verb agreement; pronoun reference, case & agreement; word usage; and clear writing style.

Review #1 Review #4
Review #2 Review #5
Review #3 Review #6

Additional Resources: Practice and Review

Adjectives and Adverbs The Apostrophe
Confusing Words: Who/Whoever, Whom/Whomever Main Uses of Capital Letters
Modifers Comma Rules and Practice
Parallel Structure End Punctuation
Prepositions Plurals of Nouns
Pronoun Usage Possessive Nouns
Sentence Clarity Punctuation Tips for Compound Sentences
Subject-Verb Agreement Main Uses of Quotation Marks
Verb Tense Semicolons and Colons

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