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Student Leadership Program

The River Commons Building, Room 112, Main Campus
(772) 462-7473 or
(772) 462-7476

Who We Are

The Student Leadership Program – Emerging Leaders was created to develop the leadership potential of IRSC students.

Being a college student is more than just attending classes. Indian River State College provides you with several opportunities for you to grow socially, intellectually, and professionally. The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to help you CONNECT, LEAD, and GET INVOLVED! By providing you with a variety of events, seminars, and leaders that will help contribute to your success as an IRSC student and beyond!

The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Program is to encourage students to go beyond the ordinary and take advantage of all the opportunities to become engaged on campus. By participating in the leadership program you will make new friends, participate in new experiences, gain new skills, and get the most out of your college experience.

There is no cost to participate! All you need is an open mind, willingness to learn, and the desire to step outside your comfort zone!

Emerging Leaders Curriculum:

  • Pre Leadership Assessment
  • Leadership Development
    — Attend Leadership Conference or Workshop "Maximize YOUR College Experience"
    — Become an Active Member of a Club
    — Attend a Get the 411 on RiverLife Workshop
    — Attend (2) Leadership Seminars
    — Attend (2) Activities of your Choice
  • Education
    — Attend (2) Activities of your Choice
  • Civic Engagement
    — 15 hours of Community Service
    — Attend (2) Activities of your Choice
  • Leadership Perspective
    — Reflective Essay
    — Attend an Activity of your Choice
  • Post Leadership Assessment

RiverLife will keep track of your involvement and notify you when you have completed the program. Just make sure you check into all IRSC events with your Student ID throughout the year.

Students who complete the program will earn a certificate of completion, a leadership pin and medallion.

Please visit the RiverLife quick link on MyIRSC for more details on the program requirements. The Emerging Leaders Program will be located on your RiverLife home page under "Paths." If you do not see the Emerging Leaders Program on RiverLife or have questions about the Program, contact Student Activities at or (772) 462-7473.



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