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National League of Nursing Online Pre-Admission Exam for PN/RN

This exam provides a common basis for the IRSC Nursing Department to evaluate the academic ability of perspective PN and RN students.  The two-hour computerized exam is comprised of three parts: Verbal Ability (40 minutes/60 questions), Mathematics (40 minutes, 40 questions), and Science (40 minutes, 60 questions).

Testing Location

Building W—Crews Hall, Room W-109 Assessment Center, Main Campus, Fort Pierce.

Testing Dates

The registration period for scheduling a Pre-Admission PN/RN Examination is open from April 4, 2019 through May 2, 2019. Available testing dates for this exam are:

  • 5/3/2019
  • 5/6/2019
  • 5/7/2019
  • 5/8/2019
  • 5/9/2019

Note: All testing dates are subject to change.

How to Register

A National League for Nursing (NLN) account must be created before scheduling your testing appointment. For those new to the test, it may be helpful to view the Student Guide to NLN Testing Portal.

If you have an existing or new NLN account set-up and it has been verified, go to NLN examination portal to schedule your IRSC Pre-Admission PN/RN Exam. Advanced online registration (testing appointment) is required for this exam.

  • Log into your NLN account and click on “Exam Sessions.”
  • In the “School” box, select “Indian River State College” from the drop down menu.
  • Find the exam session named “IRSC Pre-Admission PN RN Examination.”
  • Click on the exam name to view available exam dates and times.
  • Select a testing date and time.
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • Click on the “Save Registration” button. If the registration is successful, you will see a green banner stating that your “Registration has been saved.”
  • Scheduled exams are listed on the first page of your NLN dashboard (bottom right corner under “My Upcoming Exam”).

You may reschedule your NLN Pre-Admission Examination up to five business days prior to your testing date by sending an email to State that you need to reschedule your testing appointment. Make sure to include your full name, date of birth, NLN User ID, the original testing date and the new testing date you are requesting in your email.

If it is less than five business days before the exam date, you will no longer have the option to reschedule your NLN Pre-Admission Examination. You will need to send an email to stating that you want your registration canceled. Be sure to include your full name, date of birth, NLN User ID and the testing date that needs to be canceled in your email.

If you accidently schedule two testing appointments, send an email to and tell them you need to cancel one of your appointments. In your email, include your username, name of our college, the canceled test date and the correct test date.

Additional Registration Information

  • No test registrations will be accepted after May 2, 2019.
  • No IRSC RN or PN Nursing program applications will be accepted after May 2, 2019. A new application is required for each registration period.
  • The receipt for the Health Science Application (required for IRSC RN and PN program) must be paid between January 9, 2019 and May 2, 2019.
  • The receipt for the NLN Pre-Admission Exam fee must be paid between January 9, 2019 and May 2, 2019. This fee can be paid at any campus.
  • Students should only register for one test session. Multiple test registrations will be voided.
  • After scheduling your NLN Pre-Admission Exam, you will immediately see the message “Your registration has been saved.” Also on your NLN Dashboard, in the bottom right corner, you will see your testing date confirmation.
  • Missing your scheduled testing session or arriving late will forfeit your chance to take the NLN Pre-Admission PN/RN Examination.
  • All exam fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All RN and PN candidates must take the NLN Pre-Admission PN/RN Exam.
  • All NLN score reports will be automatically sent to the Indian River State College Nursing Department.

View the NLN Pre-Admission Examination Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Exam Day Information

  • Bring a valid photo ID. (Broken, cut, taped or expired ID’s are not acceptable.) The name on the ID must match the name on your IRSC application and your NLN account.
  • Bring your NLN username and password to the testing center on test day. You will not be able to test without it! If you need help with your NLN username and password, contact NLN at 1-800-732-8656 before your testing date.
  • Bring your paid NLN testing fee and IRSC RN/PN (Health Science) Application receipts to the Assessment Center on test day.
  • Calculators will be provided. No outside calculators are permitted.
  • Scratch paper and pencils will be provided. All scratch paper must be turned in to the proctor before leaving the testing room.
  • Disposable earplugs are provided


All NLN score reports are automatically sent to the Indian River State College Nursing Department.

Retest Policy

Only one attempt per registration period is permitted (i.e. one attempt in the fall and one attempt in the summer). All multiple attempts will be voided without a refund. NLN Pre-Admission PN/RN Exam scores are valid for one year.

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