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When you become a student of IRSC, the College creates a RiverMail account for you. RiverMail is the official electronic means of communication between you and the College about all things related to your student record.

Important information such as application status, financial aid status and scholarship information is communicated through RiverMail. It is important that you activate your RiverMail account as soon as it is assigned and check it often.

By activating your student RiverMail account, you agree to abide by the Indian River State College Student Standards of Conduct and District Board of Trustees Policy 6Hx11-9.12.

If you received an email from IRSC with your RiverMail username/email address and temporary password, use that information to login and skip to Step Two.

Step One:

Log into MyIRSC with your IRSC Student ID and PIN to get your RiverMail email address in the My Details section.

Step Two:

Login to RiverMail

Step Three:

Enter your email address as your user ID and temporary password.

Your temporary password to activate your account is S#MMDDYYYY where "S" is CAPITAL "S" + pound sign + birth date - month day year.

Step Four:

On the change password page, enter your temporary password as the current/old password in the input box provided.

Step Five:

Enter your new password—9 characters minimum. It must be strong—letters, numbers, special characters, and/or case change.

Step Six:

Enter your new password again to confirm password. Then click SAVE. You will be asked to set your time zone and theme.   You will then be taken to the app launch page.  Click on the Mail or Outlook app to go to your RiverMail inbox.

Password Rules and Restrictions

  • The minimum password length is 9 characters.
  • The maximum password length is 16 characters.
  • The password is case-sensitive.
  • The password can contain uppercase letters and lowercase letters.
  • The password can contain numbers.
  • The password can contain the following ASCII text characters: ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = { } |[ ] \ : " ; ' < > ? , . /
  • The password cannot contain spaces
  • The password cannot contain Non-English characters
  • The password cannot contain the account name part of the email address. For example, if the e-mail address is, the password cannot contain user. (This restriction is not case-sensitive. Therefore, USER or User cannot be used in the password for

  1. Use an alternate email account such as Yahoo, Gmail etc. to compose a note to
  2. Enter “Password Reset Request” in the subject line.
  3. In the body area, type your name (first and last name); your birth date (month/day/year); IRSC student email address; IRSC Student ID

Check out the MyPioneerPortal training module.  (Navigation; How to Login; Overview/Instructions; Resetting Password; Editing Settings)

Login to BlackBoard to see Workday lessons under Workday Student – Interactive Training Lessons.

Refer to these frequently asked questions and answers about RiverMail.

What is Office 365?
RiverMail is hosted on Office 365. Office 365 is Microsoft’s Online Productivity Suite.
As part of the free email service, students will have access to Office Web Apps, OneDrive,
social networking, and collaboration tools once the upgrade has been completed.
*RiverMail is a free email account provided by Microsoft.

When will my email address be available to activate?
The process to create an email address can take up to 24 hours once you become a student.

How do I access my email?
First time users should review How to Set Up and Use RiverMail. After activation, create a favorite in your browser that points to  Do not use the redirected URL of your mailbox web page for a favorite.

Who is eligible for a RiverMail email address?
Each student who applies to IRSC—credit, non-credit, and adult education students—will be assigned an email address.

Can this account be used for personal email?
Yes. Refer to Indian River State College Student Standards of Conduct and District Board of Trustees Policy 6Hx11-9.12 when using for personal email.

Can I change my RiverMail student email address?
Your assigned email address cannot be changed unless you have legally changed your name. To change your name in the system and also your email address, contact IRSC Enrollment and Student Services or Admissions at any IRSC campus. A new RiverMail account will be created. You will have 30 days to save any emails on the old account before the old account is deleted.

Can I forward RiverMail email to my personal email address?
Yes, but do so at your own discretion! You will still be responsible for important College email. Using RiverMail is the best way to assure that email from IRSC will be delivered to your inbox.

How do I forward my RiverMail email to another email account?

  1. After you sign in to your account, click the “Gear.” On the dropdown menu click "Mail."
  2. Under Accounts on left side, Select Forwarding.
  3. Select Start Forwarding.
  4. Enter the email address you want to forward your mail to in the input line provided.
  5. Select the Checkbox to save a copy in your Inbox. (Optional)
  6. Click Save at the top of the page.

Can I still use this account if I am no longer a student at IRSC?
Yes, your account will remain active when you are an alumni.

How do I change my RiverMail password?
Once you have logged in to RiverMail:

  1. Click on your initials in the upper right corner of the web page, then My Account.
  2. Click on "Security and Privacy" then "Change Your Password."
  3. Enter your old password (password you just logged in with!).
  4. Enter your new password.
  5. Retype your password (to confirm you typed correctly!).
  6. Click “Submit” to return to your app launch page.   Click on OutLook to return to your inbox.

Will this account be mandatory for emailing homework?
This will depend on your instructor. Contact your instructor for more information. Students using Blackboard will still need to use Blackboard as their communication system.

Will other students have access to my RiverMail email address?
IRSC makes every effort to protect the privacy of its students. There is a global address book or directory where a student can look up another student’s email address. Students can opt out of the Global Address List by sending an email to requesting removal.

Do I need to use a Windows PC or Microsoft Internet Explorer?
No. All the web-based services included in your IRSC email can be accessed from Windows, Mac, or Linux using Internet Explorer or Firefox, Safari and other browsers.

What will the College use my IRSC email address for?
The College uses RiverMail as an official means of electronic communication with students. The College will send important information, notices and student updates to your email account. Also, your professor may use it for course communication.

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