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Upskill this Fall! Classes start August 19.

Enroll at IRSC during the Fall 2020 term and by December you can amass new skills and certifications to help you land that next job, improve job security with your current employer or take that leap into entrepreneurship!

Registration is open for online classes that begin on August 19.  Earn IRSC Technical and Upskill certifications in as little as 16 weeks with credits that may apply toward corresponding Associate in Science degrees. Students must have a GED or high school diploma to enroll. To learn more about GED classes click here.

Here are best bets for building your workforce credentials at IRSC this fall:

  • ACG 2001-41-001 – Financial Accounting I (Fall A)
  • CGS 1100-41-001 – Introduction to Computer Applications for Business (Fall )
  • ACG 2011-41-001 – Financial Accounting II (Fall B)
  • GEB 2214-1V-002 – Business Communications (Fall B)

  • APA 1111-1V-001 – Introduction to Accounting (Fall)
  • APA 1152-1V-001 – Orientation to QuickBooks (Fall A)

  • GEB 1011-1V-002 - Introduction to Business (Fall A)
  • SLS 1261-1V-002 - Contemporary Leadership (Fall A)
  • BUL 2241-1V-001 - Business Law 1 (Fall A)
  • MAN 2021-1V-004 - Principles of Management  (Fall A)
  • MAR 2011-1V-003 - Principles Marketing  (Fall B)
  • FIN 2001-1V-003 - Introduction to Finance (Fall B)

  • MAN 2021-31-001 - Principles of Management (Fall A)
  • SLS 1261-31-002 - Contemporary Leadership (Fall A)
  • GEB 1011-31-001 - Introduction to Business (Fall B)
  • MAR 2011-31-001 - Principles Marketing (Fall B)

  • GEB 1011-1V-004 - Introduction to Business (Fall A)
  • MAR 2011-1V-002 - Principles Marketing (Fall A)
  • MAN 2021-1V-003 - Principles of Management (Fall B)
  • SLS 1261-1V-003 - Contemporary Leadership (Fall B)

  • CET 1178 (Full Term Fall) - A+ Certification Hardware
  • CET 1179C (Full Term Fall) - A+ Certification Software
  • CGS 1540 (Full Term Fall) - Database Fundamentals

  • SBM 1000-1V-001 – Entrepreneurship (Fall A)
  • MKA 2021-1V-002 – Salesmanship (Fall A)
  • MAR 2011-1V-003 – Principles of Marketing (Fall B)
  • GEB 1011-1V-005 – Introduction to Business (Fall B)

  • MAR 2011-21-001 – Principles of Marketing (Fall A)
  • MKA 2021-21-001 – Salesmanship (Fall A)
  • GEB 1011-21-002 – Introduction to Business (Fall B)
  • SBM 1000-21-001 – Entrepreneurship (Fall B)

  • MAR 2101-41-001 – Social Media Marketing (Fall A)
  • MAR 2011-41-001 – Principles of Marketing (Fall B)

  • DIG 1143 (Full Term Fall; online through Virtual Campus; hybrid at Chastain Campus) - Video Making for Social Media
  • DIG 2251 (Full Term Fall; online through Virtual Campus; hybrid at Chastain Campus) - Digital Audio Fundamentals
  • DIG 1115 (Full Term Fall; online through Virtual Campus; hybrid at Main, Mueller and Chastain campuses) - Digital Imagining Fundamentals with Photoshop

*Courses are credit-bearing, appear on the student transcript and may apply toward corresponding Associate in Science degrees. IRSC Upskill certificates, however, are not posted to student transcripts. These certificates from the College demonstrate mastery of specific groupings of coursework that may be helpful to those seeking entry-level employment in business settings.

If you haven't applied, start your application. If you have questions about these offerings or about financial aid, or need help with the online application for admissions, email or call an enrollment specialist at or 1-866-792-4772 or fill out the form below and an IRSC representative will reach out to you.

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