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William Plats is the September 2020 Staff Employee of the Month

William Plats is the September 2020 Staff Employee of the Month

September 29, 2020 Robert Lane

Vero Beach resident William Plats is being recognized as the Indian River State College September 2020 Staff Employee of the Month. Bill first worked for a brief stint as a part-time Security Resource Officer at IRSC in June 2005 before returning to the College as a part-time Security Officer in September 2011. Bill then began full-time employment with the College in May 2012 as a Security Officer, and he earned a promotion to Security Officer I in July 2019.

William Plats is the September 2020 Staff Employee of the Month

Bill brings the experience of a 25-year career with the Fort Pierce Police Department to the IRSC Mueller Campus where he serves today. With this background, he shares a deeply instilled commitment to the safety and security of IRSC students and the entire College community. Bill is dedicated to student success and understands how a safe learning environment is foundational to the success of students pursing their goals with IRSC. Bill is a proven member of the IRSC Campus Safety and Security team where he continuously strives to make IRSC a safer and greater place to be.

A recent example of Bill’s commitment to assist however he can involves coming to the aide of an employee stranded by a dead battery on her way to a key meeting in Vero Beach. She contacted Bill and, without hesitation, he went to her location to help get her vehicle on the road again—not allowing heavy rain to deter his assistance. Because of his dedication, she was able to keep her commitment for the College and still make the meeting on time. 

Those that work with Bill are quick to share how his presence enhances the sense of safety they experience on campus. “Officer Plats has taken on several responsibilities on our campus, and he is so reliable,” states one of his co-workers. They continue sharing, “He has helped make the Mueller Campus a happy and safe place to work.” Another adds, “I am so pleased to know that Bill is working with us and know the Mueller Campus is in great hands with him there looking out for the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and visitors.”  Finally, another employee adds, “We count on him every day—he never disappoints!”

About the Staff Employee of the Month Award

The Staff Employee of the Month Award recognizes a non-instructional employee. Nominations are evaluated by the Employee Recognition Committee, which is comprised of IRSC staff members, faculty and administrators. For more information, contact Committee Chair Sera Phillips at 772-462-7258.

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