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Presidential Search

Indian River State College (IRSC) is in the process of searching for its fourth President. The IRSC District Board of Trustees is responsible for this important selection and highly values the inclusion of the College community as this process is carried forward. This site will serve as a central location for the IRSC Presidential Search, and updates will be posted regularly to communicate the progress of the endeavor.

Presidential Search Phases

IRSC is presently in Phase Three: Implementation.

  • Announcement of Dr. Massey's decision not to seek contract renewal
  • Appoint Search Committee Chair
  • Request Information for Executive Search Consultant
  • Develop Search Committee nomination criteria and distribute internally and externally
  • Hire Search Firm (or choose to handle in-house)
  • Establish preliminary Search budget
  • Begin aligning internal resources
  • Launch Search website

  • Finalize and convene Search Committee
  • Schedule, promote and hold listening sessions
  • Develop Presidential Profile and job description
  • Develop marketing materials and schedule ads

  • Advertise
  • Collect applications
  • Screen applicants
  • Recommend finalists

  • Finalist interviews
  • Background checks
  • Selection of new President
  • Contract negotiation
  • Plan for transition

For additional information about the Presidential Search, contact:

Melissa Whigham, Assistant Dean for Human Resources, 772-462-7282 or

Suzanne Seldes, Director of Communications & Brand Strategy, 772-462-7265 or 

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