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Study Abroad

Indian River State College offers several study and travel abroad trips each summer providing students with opportunities to earn college credits as they participate in enriching life-changing experiences. The Study Abroad program is presented in support of the IRSC Global Initiatives Mission Statement.

Study Abroad Scholarships

Spring 2019 Study Abroad Programs

Visit Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Hakone, Kamakura and Tokyo. Experience the inner workings, history and culture of Japan while appreciating the blend of culture and technology in all aspects of the Japanese lifestyle. Explore, compare, learn and appreciate the wide range of global, social and cultural differences between the United States and Japan.

College course credit in economics, sociology, or math may be earned.


For more information, contact Dr. Maria S. Davis at or 772-226-2557 or Dr. Rita C. Lindsay at or 772-226-2534 or Dr. Meghan Probstfield at or 772-462-7703.

Program Fees

$4,695 for triple (below 30 years old); $5,055 for twin (above 30 years old). Deposit deadline is February 16, 2019.

Explore London, and spend two days working with the London Fire Brigade. Participants will also visit museums, attend a theater performance and tour historical sites.

College credit may be earned toward the IRSC Fire Science degree.


For more information, contact Dr. Alfred H. Williams V at or 772-462-7954.

Program Fees


Information Sessions

Please contact Dr. Williams.

Live on a beautiful university campus in Prague while studying with an international group of students. Learn about global business, diverse cultures and political influences and their impact on the world. Share ideas and knowledge on how to make a better world.

Students will be required to take a college-credit course in business.


For more information, contact Dr. Herbert P. Ricardo at or 772-462-7624.

Program Fees


Information Sessions

Please contact Dr. Ricardo.

Cruise from Port Canaveral to ports in the Bahamas, Mexico, Honduras and Costa Maya, and learn to identify seasonal stars and constellations—including the Southern Cross and other southerly patterns not visible from the U.S.—and learn the basics of celestial navigation and sextant use. Tour Mayan ruins, and discover Mayan archaeocosmology and rudiments of Maya glyphs, Maya calendar construction, and the base 20 counting system; astronomy features of Maya buildings; and the use of MesoAmerican pyramids and other ancient observatories.


For more information, contact Jon U. Bell, Director of the Hallstrom Planetarium, at or 772-462-7515.

Program Fees:

$1,600 includes IRSC course registration fee as well as all cruise costs, port fees, taxes, tips and planned excursions. Travel to Port Canaveral not included. $250. Deposit deadline is September 30, 2018.

Information Sessions:

Please contact Jon U. Bell for confirmation.

Guatemala, “the land of eternal spring,” is a breathtaking land of magnificent lakes, towering volcanoes and ancient ruins. IRSC honors students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast the political and cultural differences between the United States and Guatemala, while also learning about one of the Mayan civilizations and the diverse Guatemalan ecosystem. Visit Guatemala City, Petenchel, Antigua and Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

This trip is open to IRSC honor students. College credit may be earned in LIT 1000 Introduction to Literature: Honors or MGF2107 Explorations in Mathematics: Honors.


For more information, contact Sarah Mallonee at or 772-462-7481 or Carl Clark at or 772-462-7061.

Program Fees

$1,950. Deposit deadline is January 18, 2019.

Information Sessions

Contact Sarah Mallonee for information.

Students will live with Costa Rican families, attend language classes and participate in cultural excursions and service activities that will enhance the international learning experience. They will visit and explore San Joaquin de Flores, Heredia, La Fortuna and La Carpio.

Student participants may earn course credit in Spanish, nursing and interdisciplinary studies. Courses offered: SPN 1120, SPN 1121, SPN 2220, IDS 1955, HSC 2939.


For more information, contact Veronica Tempone at or 772-462-7704 or Brian Skirvin-Leclair at or 772-462-7078.

Program Fees

$3,100. Deposit deadline is March 1, 2019. **$100 deposit with application and then $1500 due by February 15 and the final $1500 due April 12.

Information Sessions

Please contact Veronica Tempone for information.

IRSC Global Initiatives Mission Statement

The Global Initiatives Committee at Indian River State College:

  • Fosters international awareness through community and scholarly activities;
  • Supports and encourages understanding and appreciation of various cultures that compose the College community;
  • Promotes programs and initiatives that educate, motivate and challenge students, faculty and staff; and
  • Pursues educational, cultural, and economic opportunities for the College to effectively engage in our dynamic global environment.
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